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Agricultural Recycling

Clean Sweep Pesticide Collections

“Clean Sweep” is a free and non-regulatory program to help with safe disposal of banned or unusable pesticides. Funding support is provided through a grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Drop-off Events in Benton Harbor are organized each year by Berrien County. Visit their website for current details and to sign-up. 

Kalamazoo County offers a year-round, drop-off option at the Kalamazoo Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Visit their website for current hours and details.

Pesticide Container Recycling

The Van Buren Conservation District is pleased to offer a free, non-regulatory empty pesticide container recycling program. If you have rigid, HDPE plastic containers that are 55 gallons or less and once-held pesticides used for purposes other than home use, you can sign-up to have these jugs collected and recycled. For a full description of eligible containers, please see below.

To participate in the program, you must sign up with the Van Buren Conservation District and schedule appointments to drop the jugs off. Appointment times are available throughout the year, weather permitting. To sign up for the program and schedule your first appointment, please contact the Recycling & Materials Management Coordinator, Kalli Marshall, at or (269) 633-9314.

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Pesticide Container Recycling Eligibility

Containers that comply with the criteria detailed below are eligible for recycling through ACRC-sponsored programs like the program with G. Phillips & Sons.

Acceptable Container Types

  • Rigid HDPE
  • 55 galloons or less
  • Caps, labels, & booklets removed
  • Previously held products associated with the following:
    • EPA-registered products for:
      • Crop protection
      • Structural pest control
      • Animal health
      • Turf & ornamental
      • Vegetation management
      • Nursery
      • Greenhouse
      • Forestry
      • Aquatics
      • Public health
      • Professional pest control
    • Non-registered
      • Adjuvants
      • Crop oils
      • Surfactants

Container Cleanliness Standards


Not Acceptable

Container, thread, and lip are clean
Dried formulation on container
Handle and neck stained but clean
dried formulation on thread
Inside stained but rinsed clean
bottom is caked with dried residue
Inside is clean and dry
Liquid residue in container

Containers that previously held products for consumer use in households, lawns, gardens, & swimming pools cannot be accepted for recycling in ACRC-sponsored programs. Learn more at

El Criterio para Los Contendedores de Pesticidas

Contenedores que cumplen con los criterios que se detalla a continuación son elegibles para ser reciclados por programas financiado por ACRC como el programa de G. Phillips & Sons.

Tipos de Contenedores Aceptados

  • HDPE inflexibles
  • Bariles de no más
  • Tapas, etiquetas & folletos tienen que ser quitados
  • Productos que & folletos tienen que ser quitados
  • Productos que han estado asociados con lo siguiente:
    • Productos registrado con el EPA para:
      • Protección de cultivos
      • Control de plagas
      • Salud animal
      • Hierba artificial y ornamental
      • Gestión de vegetación
      • Vivero
      • Invernadero
      • Silvicultura
      • Acuáticos
      • Salud pública
      • Control professional de plagas
    • No registrado:
      • Adyuvantes
      • Aceites de cultivos
      • Surfactantes

Estándares de la Limpieza de los Contendores


No Aceptados

Contenedor, rosca y orilla limpio
Formulación seco en el contenedor
Mango y cuello manchado pero limpio
Formulación seco en la rosca
Interior manchado pero enjuagado y limpio
Base cubierto con residuos secos
Interior limpio y seco
Interior lleva residuos líquidos

Containers that previously held products for consumer use in households, lawns, gardens, & swimming pools cannot be accepted for recycling in ACRC-sponsored programs. Learn more at