Van Buren Conservation District

Covid-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent uptick in cases in Michigan, the Van Buren Conservation District is primarily working from home. Email is the best way to reach us, as we are checking voicemails infrequently. Please visit the staff link to obtain the staff member's email address that is appropriate for your inquiry. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our part to keep our staff and the rest of the community safe!

Critical Dunes

The Critical Dune Areas (CDA) program is administered under the authority of Part 353, Sand Dune Protection and Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended. The CDA program protects the extremely fragile areas of Michigan’s dunes by promoting the use of design and construction techniques to minimize impacts of uses on the dunes. As defined in part 353, “use” means “a developmental, silvicultural, or recreational activity done or caused to be done by a person that significantly alters the physical characteristic of a critical dune area or a contour change done or caused to be done by a person.”

Vegetation Removal Assurance

A Michigan Department of Environmental Quality permit is required for any use within a CDA.  Regulated activities include construction of buildings, septic systems, water wells, driveways, all excavation and filling, and vegetation removal within the CDAs.  These areas are identified in the “Atlas of Critical Dune Areas” dated February 1989, and adopted by the Michigan Legislature under Part 353.  The VBCD is able to help you write this Vegetation Removal Assurance to complete your MDEQ permitting requirements.

Click here to view the current Van Buren Conservation District Vegetation Removal Assurance application packet