Fall Field Day

The Van Buren Conservation District (VBCD) is holding a Fall Field Day focused on nutrient efficiency for growers on September 7th from 9:00 AM to noon at Kolberg Family Farms (56958 68th Ave., Lawrence, MI 49064). Attendees can expect free breakfast and refreshments.

The Fall Field Day brings together speakers from the VBCD who will discuss a wide range of topics concerning field crop farmers. Some topics that will be presented are the nutrient sources (timing and replacement), maximizing plant health, cover crops, no-till, equipment, and cost-share opportunities.

Colleen Forestieri, Erin Fuller, Kyle Mead, and Lucas Hartman make up the VBCD’s Ag & Water Quality Team, and together, have over fifty years of experience serving our local growers and watersheds. For more information on the field day, contact the VBCD office by phone at 269-657-4030 x5 or by email at agconservation@vanburencd.org. Pre-registration is preferred for attendance.

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