Van Buren Conservation District

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Why Should You Buy Local?

The Fresher, the Better!

Fresh food does not just taste better, it is better! Buying food locally cuts the time it takes to get food from farms to your table. Food loses nutrients as time passes after being harvested, which means less nutrients are lost with locally-sourced foods!

Better for the Environment!

Store-bought food can come from hundreds of miles away, creating tons of pollution. Local food creates far fewer pollutants making it better for the environment.


Since the farmers grow or raise the food themselves, they know what goes in it. They are accountable for what goes into making food, ask the farmer themself!

Better for the Local Economy

Money spent locally, stays local. Local businesses pay local taxes, hire local workers, and support other local businesses. Keeping your money local means it spreads locally, which benefits all of us.

Supporting the Local Farmer

Buying from local farms helps keep our neighbors in business. This helps maintain our rural character and helps farmers afford to support their families and their community.

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Current Food, Farm, & Fun Guide

Use the interactive map below to find local food and drink vendors, recreation, and more! Use the side panel to pick and choose what you are looking for.