October 1 Macroinvertebrate Stream Monitoring: Calling Volunteers!

The 10th Macroinvertebrate Stream Monitoring is coming up October 1st!

What is the Macroinvertebrate Stream Monitoring?

With volunteers and staff, we enter waterways to collect macroinvertebrates (bugs and the like) to monitor our water’s health. It is a fun experience! Who knew wearing waders and getting in nature was so cool?

You don’t have to get into the water or have any experience. Just dress for the weather and walking in forested terrain.

There are three ways to help:
🙋a “Collector” and wear waders to go into the water to collect insects with nets
🏃‍♂️ a “Runner” that stays bank side and take nets and buckets from the “Collectors”
🐛a “Picker” who picks out any insects that are found in the river/stream and places them into a jar for later identification.

Waders, equipment, and beverages provided. For questions or with help signing up, contact CISMA Coordinator Alex Florian at InvasivesEd@VanBurenCD.org or call 269-633-9044.

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