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Category: General Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program - Insect Collection

Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program - Insect Collection

May 7, 2023

Volunteers are needed to help collect aquatic insects in local waterways. Volunteers have the opportunity to be:

  • a “Collector” and wear waders to go into the water to collect insects with nets
  • a “Runner” that stays bank side and take nets and buckets from the “Collectors”
  • or a “Picker” who picks out any insects that are found in the river/stream and places them into a jar for later identification.

Each role is important and volunteers have the option of what they would like to do at the collection site. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, Team Leaders are available at each site to assist volunteers. All materials and equipment necessary are provided.

To sign-up, please fill out this form or email Abbie Bristol at

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