Palisades Nuclear Economic Recovery Initiative – Second Public Survey


CONTACT:  John Egelhaaf Director of SWMPC at (269) 925-1137

January 27, 2023

Second Palisades Nuclear Economic Recovery Initiative – Public Survey

The public is invited again to engage in the work of the Palisades Economic Recovery Initiative.  The Initiative is currently in a project phase that involves deep assessment of economic impact data associated with the Palisades closure. Following the assessment, the next step is to build strategies to mitigate the economic loss to the Southwest Michigan Region. To simplify engagement, a survey has been developed.  This is an important stage where public review and input can be particularly valuable.  To participate in the survey please visit The Palisades Economic Recovery Initiative is comprised of federal, state, and local officials along with the private sector who are joining together to build a comprehensive economic recovery strategy to assist Van Buren County and the region after the shutdown of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in May of 2022.  Since going online in 1967, the plant has served as a major economic driver in the region, providing high-paying jobs, a tax base, and have supported local communities.

The partnership driving the Initiative includes the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission, Market Van Buren, Kinexus Group, Van Buren County Government, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute, the Michigan Department of Treasury, and the Michigan Public Service Commission.  At each step of the process, the partners will produce and publicly share components of the Recovery Strategy.  The partnership will collaborate with a diverse group of community members and leaders, established as the Palisades Community Advisory Panel (PCAP).  The PCAP will be an important intersection for all information regarding the Palisades closure and decommissioning. The group producing the Recovery Strategy will regularly reach out to the PCAP and the public to invite critique of the Strategy as it is being developed.

The public can also follow and provide input by visiting  Another option to connect is through the Initiative’s Facebook page at