American Witch-Hazel


  • Native to Van Buren County
  • Attracts wildlife
  • Produces nuts
  • Good for privacy
  • Requires cross-pollination
  • Deer tolerant


Height: 10ft-18ft
Spread: 10ft-18ft
Water Needs: Medium to Wet
Soil Needs: Sand, Loam, Clay
Growth Rate: Medium

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  • Native to Van Buren County
  • An extract of the plant is used in the astringent witch hazel
  • Fragrant, late blooming yellow flowers from late September to November
  • Hard, woody capsule fruit
  • Supports 62 species of caterpillars
  • Seedling height: 12″-18″

Height: 20ft-30ft
Spread: 15ft-20ft
Water Needs: Medium to Wet
Soil Needs: Sand to Loam
Growth Rate: Medium

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