Dune Grass


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  • Native to Great Lakes region and Van Buren County
  • Protects against lakeshore erosion
  • Sold in bundles of 100 plugs
  • Planting: plant 6″-8″ deep and within 4 days of receiving
  • Spacing:
    • 6″ for steep slopes – 4 per square foot
    • 8″ for moderate slopes and sites with high visibility – 2 per square foot
    • 12″ for flat ground
    • 18″ for economy – 1 per 2 square feet
    • 6″-18″ depending on the need
  • Growth:
    • First year, clump of 5-6 shoots
    • Second year, dense stand

Note: Our dune grass is only available at Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum during our pick-up days. Plugs are recommended to be planted within four days of receiving them.

Height: 1ft-3ft
Spread: Dense Stand
Water Needs: Dry
Soil Needs: Sand
Growth Rate: Fast

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