Nannyberry Viburnum


  • Native to Van Buren County
  • Fluffy white spring flowers
  • Pruning immediately after flowering recommended
  • Easily spreads by root suckers
  • Persistent blue/black berries through winter


Height: 14ft-16ft
Spread: 6ft-12ft
Water Needs: Medium-Dry to Medium-Wet
Soil Needs: Sand to loam
Growth Rate: Medium

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Nannyberry Viburnum
Description Nannyberry viburnum (Viburnum lentago), also known as sheepberry and sweet viburnum, is a small deciduous tree. Nannyberry is a great ornamental plant for landscapes. It has attractive white flower clusters, deep red fall color, and blue/black berries. Songbirds, gamebirds, and mammals eat the fruit in winter.
Height 14 – 16 ft.
Spread 6 – 12 ft.
Growth rate Medium
Sun Full sun to shade
Water use Medium
Soil Moist to dry soils
Bloom & Fruit
Bloom time April – Jun
Bloom color White
Harvest/Fruit type Drupe
Edible/Inedible Inedible
Nativeness Native
Benefits Ornamental, good for wildlife, good for pollinators, showy flowers
Climate Change Hardiness Unknown adaptability

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