Van Buren Conservation District

Soil Testing

Soil testing is important to:

  • learn which nutrients are present in your soil
  • learn which nutrients may need to be added based on what you’re trying to grow
  • avoid over-application (and save money!)
  • protect local streams, lakes, rivers and groundwater by avoiding runoff of excess fertilizers

Soil Testing Available at these locations

  • A&L Labs
  • Great Lakes Seed Solution LLC
    • 269-535-2125
    • 14191 M-60 Hwy, Three Rivers, MI 49093
  • New Age Laboratories
  • Nutrien Ag Solutions
    • Decatur: 269-423-8978
    • Bangor: 269-427-8206
    • 201 S George St., Decatur, MI 49045
    • 54200 28th Ave., Bangor, MI 49013
  • Wilbur-Ellis
    • 269-463-4900
    • 9075 Industrial Dr., Watervliet, MI

*Due to continuing change, it is recommended that you call the listed business for hours of operation, location, cost, and services provided. All programs and services of VBCD are provided on a non-discriminatory basis. The VBCD is not endorsing or recommending any of the listed service providers over another but listing local businesses and organizations that we are aware of that provide such service.