Van Buren Conservation District

Covid-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent uptick in cases in Michigan, the Van Buren Conservation District is primarily working from home. Email is the best way to reach us, as we are checking voicemails infrequently. Please visit the staff link to obtain the staff member's email address that is appropriate for your inquiry. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our part to keep our staff and the rest of the community safe!

Equipment Lending/Rentals

The Van Buren Conservation District rents two different types of no-till drills for planting cover crops and conservation cover. We also offer other tools that help farmers and landowners evaluate their practices and best manage their land. Take a look at the information below to decide which will work best for your situation.

To inquire about equipment rental availability, please contact us:

*Tax Exempt for farm rentals are available by filling out this State of Michigan Sales Tax Exemption Form and returning it with your signed rental agreement and deposit.

John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill

The No-Till Drill is best for planting small grain into un-tilled ground. Mainly used for planting cover crops but can be used for cash crops such as soybeans and wheat. The 1590 No-Till Drill plants 15 ft. wide and renters will need a minimum of a 1/2 ton pick-up truck to transport this piece of equipment and at least 100 HP tractor to pull it.

$150 per day (25% off for renters that are working on MAEAP or that are Verified)
$25.00 administration fee
$75.00 deposit

Truax U-86 No-Till Drill

The Truax No-Till Drill is the perfect planter for establishing native wildflowers and grasses into bare ground, or inter-seeding into sod or cover crops.  Using the no-till system requires little prep other than weed control.  You can plant your seed into un-tilled ground, making only one pass with the Truax.  The three separate seed boxes are gauged for different sized seeds and make it suitable to plant several seed mixes at a time.  Even very small native wildflower seeds will be metered correctly with proper calibration.  The Truax plants 4 ft. wide (6 rows x 8″), making it ideal for planting between vine or orchard rows.  It can also be used to plant larger tracts into conservation cover such as pollinator habitat. It has a three point hitch and requires at least a 60 HP tractor.

$150.00 per day (25% off for renters that are working on MAEAP or that are Verified)
$25.00 administration fee
$75.00 deposit

Soil Test Probe

Standard soil sample probe. Easily gather soil plugs for soil testing.

No Cost

For additional information see a list of local soil testing resources.

Wheel Scales

A 20,000 lbs. capacity scale with 5 scales available (for tandem axel manure spreaders)

No Cost

Determine accurate manure application rates in a few easy steps:

  1. Weigh empty spreader
  2. Weigh full spreader
  3. Measure the size of the manure application area

Irrigation Uniformity Equipment

Catch Cans for determining irrigation output to the soil. Accurately determine how much water is reaching the soil, how uniform applications are across the field, and circumvent the need for a flow meter.

No Cost

Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Injector

Japanese Knotweed – Prohibited under Michigan Law. Perennial, herbaceous shrub that can grow from 3-10 feet high, has hollow stalks are persistent through winter, looks similar to bamboo. Stems have find white coating that rubs off easily and flowers (blooming in Aug./Sept. in MI) arranged in spikes near the end of the stem are small, numerous, and a creamy white color. Extremely difficult to eradicate. Treatment should happen in the fall. Please contact Nor Serocki, CISMA Coordinator for proper management of Knotweed. photos

No Cost

Contact Nor Serocki, CISMA Coordinator, at or call (269) 657-4030×5 for more information on the Herbicide Injector and Knotweed treatment.