Van Buren Conservation District

Hunting Access Program

Michigan’s Hunting Access Program (HAP) was created in 1977 to increase public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan where 97 percent of the land base is privately owned. This program is now one of the oldest dedicated private lands public access programs in the nation.

Providing access to quality hunting lands close to urban properties is a key component to offering additional hunting opportunities, as well as attracting new and retaining current hunters.

HAP provides financial incentives to landowners in southern Michigan who allow hunters access to their lands. Using funds from a new federal grant, the DNR plans to significantly expand HAP. 

Van Buren County Residents: If you are interested in enrolling your property or have questions, please contact Lucas Hartman at or 269-633-9057.


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Attention Hunters

HAP lands are privately owned lands for which the landowners have agreed to allow public access. All hunters are responsible to know and understand the rules of the program, as well as rules of each property and state and federal regulations. Please treat these privately owned lands with respect and observe the following:

  • You must follow all individual landowner rules as described in registration folder.
  • Hunting is the ONLY activity allowed on HAP lands.
  • You must register every time you hunt on HAP lands at the farm’s headquarter or service station.
  • You are only allowed to hunt species listed under “Hunt Types” for each individual hunting land as listed in the HAP digest.
  • You are only allowed to hunt during seasons listed for each individual hunting land in the HAP digest.
  • Driving on HAP lands is banned unless you have landowner permission.
  • Do not block drives or lanes. Park in designated area when provided by landowner.
  • Use of ORVs is prohibited without landowner permission.
  • Hunting in or damaging standing crops is banned.
  • Use of permanent blinds, tree stands, or nails/screws in trees are prohibited.
  • Clean up after yourself; no littering of shell casings or other trash allowed.
  • All rules and regulations enforced by the DNR still apply while hunting on HAP lands.

For a complete listing of HAP rules, please refer to the Michigan Hunting Access Program (HAP) Digest.

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