Van Buren Conservation District

Forestry, Trees & Shrubs

The Conservation District and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offer technical advice and assistance on tree planting and forest management.  The Michigan NRCS Forestry site has many valuable resources on species selection, spacing and forest maintenance, including several very good MSU-Extension bulletins.

The VBCD has an Annual Tree & Shrub Seedling Selection every spring, which is offers a great variety of species at a very affordable price.  Seedling catalogs are available early spring and pre-orders are taken up to a week before the sale in April.  Pre-orders are encouraged to ensure your selection is available. Tree and shrub seedling selection varieties may vary year to year.

Consulting Foresters


Invasive Species

Which Forest Pest/Invasive Species to Look Out For

General Forestry Information

Forest Management Plans

Property Tax Incentives

Forest Certification

Loggers/Timer Buyers

Before logging or selling your timber we suggest you talk to a professional forester and consider a Forest Management Plan to ensure the continuation of a healthy forest and woodlot.

*All programs and services of VBCD are provided on a non-discriminatory basis. The VBCD is not endorsing or recommending any of the listed service providers over another but listing local businesses and organizations that we are aware of that provide such service.