• Native to Van Buren County
  • Origin of the name of the town of Paw Paw
  • Requires cross-pollination
  • Natively grow in lowlands and riparian areas
  • Deep purple flowers appear before leaves
  • Large fruits often called “custard apples”
  • Seedling height: 12″-18″

Height: 15ft-30ft
Spread: 15ft-30ft
Water Needs: Medium to Wet
Soil Needs: Sand, Loam
Growth Rate: Medium

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Description Pawpaw (Asimina triloba), also known as custard apple and wild banana, is a small deciduous tree. Pawpaws are best known for their fruit, which is described as a mix of custard and banana. More than one tree is needed to cross-pollinate to produce fruit. As an ornamental plant, its large, tropical leaves make it a unique sight. Wildlife love the fruit. The Village of Paw Paw is named after the pawpaw tree. View the pawpaw planting and care guide here. *Shade while young, fruits best in full sun as an adult
Height 15 – 30 ft.
Spread 15 – 30 ft.
Growth rate Medium
Sun Full sun to shade
Water use Medium
Soil Rich, moist soils
Bloom & Fruit
Bloom time April – May
Bloom color White, red, yellow, purple
Fruit type Berry
Edible/Inedible Edible
Nativeness Native
Benefits Fruit, ornamental, good for wildlife
Climate Change Hardiness Unknown adaptability

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